Hasan Cihat Örter, (born October 24, 1958 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish composer, guitarist and arranger who gained wide fame in the last few years for his remixes of traditional Turkish music, particularly instrumental, folk, jazz, new-age, vocal and dance music. About 3 years old "genius child" met with the piano and violin music began. Later, he met and the first serious lessons in classical guitar from the age of 5, Professor.Antonio Doumezitch 'received from (1963–68) and the classes went on for 5 years. Master, Emin Ongan Turkish music copmposition, authority and taking lessons, Uskudar Musical Association, (Üsküdar Musiki Cemiyeti) in 1974 and graduated from, Semsi Yasdiman, binding, and studied Turkish Folk music, jazz music and also became interested in the meantime, small orchestras and has been playing the professional. Berklee College of Music "Master's Degree" and the Conservatoire Royal de Liège worked. Worked on his Doctorate in music therapy. (1977–80). Has been turned into a book's work and thoughts. He is one of the new generation musicians who are concerned with liberating modern Turkish music. Remixing, which literally means to say the same thing in another form, is produced by changing the form of a musical piece through a process that can be called "restructuring." Many video performances are available via He has recorded numerous albums and his compositions and transcriptions are widely published. Istanbul State Conservatory university and Mimar Sinan university President's Office, was awarded the grown Leading Turkish music have served .... Last semester with awards, Elazig Firat University by the music branch of "State Artist" is given an Honorary Doctorate. Rector University Prof. Dr. Fevzi Bingol. By the Municipality of Eskisehir -Odunpazari, Orhangazi, Hasan Cihat Orter Park District opened and the artist was awarded to nearly 3,000 so far...Contents [hide] 1 Albums2 Books3 Filmography4 Awards5 Pictures6 Samples7 Videos8 Notes and references9 External links[edit]Albums

Chronologically, subsections by the date of their first item:Discography1983 - Anatolian Folk Music Classical Guitar- - (Kent Müzik (Istanbul)1994 - Anatolian Folk Music Classical Guitar-E.M.I. - (Kent Müzik) - (Gold Record Award))1995 - Women shmphonies -Kadın'ın Senfonileri - New-Age- E.M.I. - (Kent Müzik)1996 - Re-formation 1 (Turk Enstrumantal Music, New-Age)- (Sony Music - Colombia (International catolog))1997 - Re-formation 2 (Turk Enstrumantal Music, New-Age)- (Sony Music)1998 - Insprition (Re-Formation Remix - London )- (Sony Music)1998 - Istanbul Şarkıları, Modern Folk Üçlüsü- (Raks)1998 - Buddha Bar 3 Catolog (Re-Formation- Dj.Rawin )- (Buddha Bar III)1998 - Mektup, (Film music saund track )- (Raks)1999 - Aşk ve Hüzün -Vocal Music Compositions - (Ezgi Medya)2003 - Gitarın Sessiz Çığlığı (for Yavuz Cetin) - Rock Guitar Compositions - (Genç Music)2004 - İstanbul'da Modern Oyun Havaları-Enstrumantal - (Seyhan Müzik)2005 - Senden Yanayım -Vocal Music Compositions - (Artvizyon Müzik)2005 - Music Therapy - Enstrumental Compositions -with book - (Genç Mephisto)2006 - Dünyanın Gözyaşları -Vocal Music Compositions - (E.M.I)2006 - İki Derviş'in Aşk Yarası -Vocal Music Compositions - (Seyhan Müzik)2005 - The Symphony of Kabe and Hicret - (Genç Müzik)2006 - Fretless Songs - Fretless Guitar & E-bow - (DMC)2006 - Hasan Cihat Örter Albums in Mixed Classics : I,II,III,IV, - (H.C.O.Prd.)2007 - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ve Vatan Senfonisi - (Atlantis Müzik)2007 - World Classical Guitar Pieces - (Genç Müzik)2008 - "Haz" Classical Guitar - Saz Eserleri- Compositions - (Genç Müzik)2008 - "Giz" Accustic Fretless Guitar - (Seyhan Müzik)2008 - Sadabad - Osmanlı Sarayı- (Tanbur Compositions)Tanbur ile Besteler - (Anadolu Müzik)2009 - Seven Days in Istanbul -Accustic guitar - (Mem Productions "Mr. Murat Malay)2010 - Fretless Love -Freteless Songs - (Mimoza Medya "Mr.Bedri Büklülmez)2010 - Fretless Guitar Methot, DVD - (Mimoza Medya "Mr.Bedri Büklülmez)[edit]Books

Hayatım, Gitarım ve Müziğim - (Pan Yayıncılık)Anadolu Ezgileri Klasik Gitar ve Piyano İçin Düzenlemeler - (Pan Yayıncılık)HASAN CIHAT ÖRTER "SANATÇI, VCD" - (Bemol Müzik Yayıncılık)Hasan Cihat Örter´le Herkes Gitar Çalabilir, 2 VCD - (Belgesel Ajans)Buzuki Erol (Örter) Rebetiko - (Pan Yayıncılık)İki Satirlik Şiirler - (Birun Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık)Saz Eserleri - (Bemol Müzik Yayınları)Anadolu'dan Klasik Gitar Çeşitlemeleri - (Bemol Müzik Yayınları)Müzik İle Terapi, Music CD - (Genç Mephisto Kitabevi)[edit]Filmography

(Mektup) - Tarik Akan - Music Soundtrack Albüm -Raks Music (Turkey), 1997 directed by Ali Ozgenturk.- Son Taniklar, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk...(Abdulhamit Avsar Procekt,TRT), Osmanlı Devletinin Dogusu, Dogdugum Topraklar, Kıbrıs documentaries music, "A cry of Maestro, Hasan Cihat Orter", Mlatepe University-school final project documentary, (DVD), by, Akbey Kuruoglu .....(Close to 300 from the TRT Television documentaries and other TV channels of music and the music from his various albums.)[edit]Awards

An honorary advocate award from Ordu body of lawyers.
An award from TRT (turkish radio, television foundation)
An award from a concerthall (1999)
An award from berklee college of musicSome of the awards(Some Of the Awards)Award1Award2Award3Award4Award5Award6Award7Award8Award9Award 10Award 11Award 12Award 13Award 14Award 15Award 16Award 17Award 18Award 19Award 20[edit]Pictures
A view of musician with one of his awards
Hasan Cihat Örter on stage
Home Studio of Hasan Cihat Örter
Hasan Cihat Örter, playing a traditional Turkish instrument[edit]Samples
Chechnian Girl[edit]Videos
A sample of stage performance of Hasan Cihat Örter[edit]Notes and references
^ YouTube - Broadcast YourselfHasan Cihat Örter Channel"Biography on the official web page". Retrieved 2007-11-19."Biography" (in Turkish). Retrieved 2007-11-19."Hasan Cihat Orter". Retrieved 2007-11-19.Hasan Cihat Örter (Official Fan Page)[edit]External links
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